Jack A5
16 950.00 ₴ $ 600.00
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in Ukraine.

A5, Jack new generation semi-dry computerized lockstitch machine with shortest remaining thread. It’s updates from A4S-N and equipped with semi dry machine head, double knife movement and design of ending condense stitch, realize 3mm
short thread remaining. It is the best choice for customers of High demand and high standards. Applicable to shirts, suits, suit pants, T-shirts, skirts, more suitable for material sensitive to oil leakage, high-class clothing, etc.

- Double knives movement, reduce labor cost
- Ending condense stitch, more superior products
- Semi-dry head, clean and environmental protection
- Automatic winding thread, Save time, хигх efficiency
-Electronic thread tension release, more efficient
- Sealing oil pan, no oil, no trouble
- Oil alarm Voice alarm when oil is less or too much

Бренд: Jack
Максимальная скорость шитья: 5,000 ст/мин
Игла: DBx1
Количество нитей: 2
Длина стежка : 5 мм
Подъем лапки: 5-13 мм

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