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Production efficiency analysis of LLC "T-style"

26 May 2017

In the meantime, we keep on aiding the development of Ukraine’s light industry enterprises.
Specialists from JUKI carried out production efficiency analysis of LLC "T-style". The field in question -  textile industry.

Based on the results of the analysis performed we can say that the production is at a rather high level. But there is always room for improvement. Specialists made recommendations on how to increase production efficiency, create balanced lines, reduce time expenditures.

The predicted outcome of such implementations:

- time expenditure reduction up to 27 %

- production flow efficiency improving by 12-14 % (and reaching efficiency level at least equal to that of the leading factories producing clothes in China)

- line balance up to 99,2 % (at a level comparable to that of the Japanese factories)

It’s important to emphasize that the staff also took direct part in the analysis. This made it possible to see the picture from the outside, to perceive one’s own mistakes and to draw conclusions for those taking part in the process of manufacturing every day.
Just one small thing is lacking - to implement it and learn how it works in actual practice. We root for you, “T-style” 

P.S. Next week MALKAN specialists will be performing their audit with regard to the wet-heat processing equipment and will provide their conclusions concerning the processes on this production area for review.