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Summer 2016 fashion trends

09 November 2016

A month has passed from the day of our meeting at the contest “Pecherski kashtany”. We know how important it is to constantly develop and stay up to date in our activities. With that in mind we’ve decided to inspire new ideas with you every week, to help you develop and always ride high in the World of Fashion.
Fashion is a very impermanent phenomenon. Not too long ago designers tended to prefer gentle pastel shades and severe style of clothing, yet now they already recommend to dress in bright colors complete with large accessories. 

Unexpected, courageous and full of energy - such is the summer season of 2016.
In this e-mail we’d like to present 5 hot summer trends for you to bring to life:

Pop art – funny inscriptions, animated characters and unusual forms. This is where it is possible to reanimate your imagination and to materialize the most unreal of ideas.

Space motives - foil dresses, sparkling by their mirror flare spots. They seem to be absolutely surreal.

The African motives - authentic techniques, natural shades and animalistic prints. They look so summery and sunny as if created to make your days even brighter.

Stripes - the dresses with stripes, geometrical and flower patterns would be the most stylish-looking ones. The garments of delicate shades have been decorated with bright animalistic prints and animated characters.

Grid - this seems to be the only trend from the above mentioned ones to come back to us from the nineties. For instance, the long dress entirely made from one large grid looks spectacularly.

Fantasize, create and be always in the know of fresh ideas in the world of fashion together with the the «Softorg» company!