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Workshop on Jack equipment

04 September 2016

On March 3-4, 2014 technical workshop on Jack equipment was held in the main office of the Softorg


The famous Chinese sewing equipment manufacturer JACK showed itself to good advantage in the  market of Ukraine. The brand became recognizable.

The largest Chinese factory JACK from the city of Taizhou (Zhejiang province) offers a wide range of industrial sewing equipment. The majority of production lines on clothing factories of China is supplied

with sewing machines of “Jack” brand. Such choice made by professional community is not by accident: machines are characterized by their excellent assembly quality, reliability and performance, as well as

their reasonable price. The company is also a trusted leader among Chinese automatic lockstitch sewing machine manufacturers. Besides, JACK offers a wide model range of sewing machines (lockstitch sewing

machines, programmable pattern sewing machines, quilting sewing machines, long cylinder bed sewing machines, post-bed sewing machines, buttonhole sewing machines, button sewing machines, bar

tacking sewing machines, overlock sewing machines, cutting equipment, as well as chain stitch sewing machines). The newly developed JK-798 series extra-high- speed overlock machines deserve particular

attention. The defining feature of machines of this brand is the use of modern Japanese technologies and the extensive product quality control.

What’s particularly good to see is the fact that the company is constantly developing and "growing", expanding its sewing equipment product line, offering its customers more and more complex sewing

machines equipped with electronic control, automated sewing machines. All of this is indicative of the high professional level, good material and technical facilities as well as scientific foundation of the factory.