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Training by the Softorg company for its client relations department

07 November 2016

This weekend has been a very productive one for the Softorg company. All regional managers gathered in the main office of the company as a friendly group of co-workers in order to discuss how it’d be possible to improve our client service even further.

The meeting took place in the form of a conference run and supervised by Igor Solodov - business coach, personal effectiveness domain expert, senior manager, the author of several articles, blogger, events organizer.

The conference helped the team of "Softorg" managers to share their experiences with each other, to find new solutions, to make a mental note of and start actualizing Igor Solodov's recommendations during work.  

We regularly take confident steps aimed to increase our customer focus. Clients are our partners and friends, therefore achieving comfortable long-term cooperation with them is of the utmost importance.