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Participation of the Softorg company in KYIV FASHION 2014

03 September 2016


It was under this slogan that the sewing technology center “Softorg” showcased light industry equipment of the world’s leading brands as part of the international exhibition project KyivFashion

2014. This event is the most authoritative forum in the territory of Ukraine in the field of fashion industry, combining a full range of specialized light industry exhibitions. This year the Softorg company pleased all attendees by a variety of showcased goods, both by their usage and their functional capabilities. Lockstitch sewing machines, overlock sewing machines, coverstitch sewing machines, Z-stitch sewing

machines, hand stitch imitation sewing machines, cutting knives, wet-heat processing equipment, small-scale mechanization appliances, sewing accessory installation equipment, fully automated computer-controlled cycle machines, textile printing machines – and this is far from being the complete list of the equipment.

All guests who visited the exhibition booth of “Softorg” company got a free expert technical consultation, a special souvenir made of genuine leather, and also had an opportunity to simply relax

over a cup of hot tea or coffee.

Discounts to all showcased equipment up to -50% became the unexpected surprise from the sewingtechnology center.