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20 February 2017

Currently we’re in the process of finishing our final negotiations which will lead to the opening up of new opportunities for enterprises working in the field of light industry of Ukraine. And while we, in the same way as everyone else, have to face those troubled circumstances of nowadays, we’ve decided to take action.

At the Conference of JACK dealers held in November, 2016 we had our first meeting with sewing equipment manufacturers aiming to receive exclusive conditions for Ukraine enabling us to offer you special prices for industrial sewing equipment. This has made it possible for us to lay the groundwork for all of our further actions. For 3 months we’ve been holding all sorts of organizational events and negotiations with all authorities and channels. In order to avoid internal and external risks associated with foreign economic activities we’ve given particular attention to ensure execution of the assumed obligations in the field of international trade transactions. For this purpose we’ve initiated a series of separate meetings as well as the conclusion of agreements with a view to receive international bank guarantees.

In the near future we plan to involve other organizations who supply sewing enterprises with equipment, fabrics, accessories etc. in the implementation of this program, in order to expand the range of your opportunities.

We strongly hope that everything will turn out fine and that 2017 will be the year for the development for sewing enterprises. Expect detailed information to appear on our website and social networking pages soon.

We are glad to develop Ukraine’s light industry market and we’re doing our best for you!