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2-needle post-bed lockstitch sewing machine JUKI PLC-2760 LDAB/BT/DL with unison feed and one-touch type switches: changeover of the 2nd stitch length and changeover of the 2nd amount of the vertical movement of the upper feed.Due to a higher lift of the presser bar allowing for the extended “free arm” space under the needle hard-to-reach spots become easily accessible making this equipment ideal for the process of manufacturing sofas, cushioned furniture, car seats and other goods made of heavy-weight, extra heavy-weight and multi-layer materials. Besides, the industrial sewing machine JUKI PLC-2760 LDAB/BT/DL has automatic presser foot lift and thread trimming. Direct-drive system ensures prompt responsiveness to any action taken by operator for this JUKI sewing equipment.

Бренд: Juki
Количество игл: 2
Длина стежка : 12 мм
Межигольное расстояние: 10 мм
Подъем лапки: рукою – 10 мм, автомат. – 20 мм
Подрукавное пространство: 347х296х170 мм
Величина переміщення крокуючої лапки: 1 - 9 мм
Максимальная скорость шитья: 2,000 ст/мин
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