Juki PS-700
Juki PS-700

Juki PS-700

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Pattern seamer (X:1,200mm × Y:700mm)

PS-700 is a pattern seamer provided with JUKI’s first exclusive machine head. It is able to carry out pattern sewing of large products with flexibility. The PS-700 has achieved the industry's highest jump speed of 800 mm/s. Active tension has been introduced to the needle thread tension controller. Since the needle thread tension is reproducible, supporting a broader range of sewing conditions, the time required for setup changing upon process changeover can be reduced. 

The auxiliary clamp holds down the cassette clamp and material, thereby securely holding the material being sewn. The PS-700 has adopted the guide rail feed mechanism which feeds the cassette while clamping it with its guide rail. This mechanism demonstrates higher feed accuracy in comparison with the roller feed mechanism, thereby improving seam quality. 

With this sewing machine, quilting and runstitching processes for sewing down jackets and winter sportswear can be carried out only with one setup operation. Conventionally regular-interval topstitches have been sewn with a lockstitch machine and the seam quality varies according to the operator's skill. Now, with the PS-700, regular-interval topstitches of stable quality can be sewn without depending on the operator's skill, thereby contributing to substantially increased productivity. 

Since the PS-700 sewing machine has a large sewing area, frequency of bobbin thread changing is likely to increase. To facilitate bobbin thread changing, the exclusive bobbin changer (BK-7) has been developed for this sewing machine. As many as eight bobbins can be set in the bobbin changer at a time, thereby further increasing productivity.

Бренд: Juki
Максимальная скорость шитья: 3,000 ст / мин
Длина стежка : 0,1-12,7 мм
Игла: DBx1
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